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Life Protection

Getting the right life protection cover is important and that is why White Knight Group offer a free no obligation consultation to its customers in the Forest of Dean & surrounding area in order to make sure you get the correct cover for your needs.

Level term Assurance

Designed to pay out a sum of money if the policyholder should during the policy’s term.  The sum assured is guaranteed and remains unchanged throughout the term.

Decreasing Term Life Assurance (e.g. mortgage protection cover)

Where the sum decreases during the policy.  It is regularly used to protect capital and interest repayments on a mortgage.

Renewable Term Assurance

On the expiry date there is an option to continue without a health review.

Convertible Term Assurance

Level Term Assurance with the option to revert to whole of life or endowment insurance.

Increasing Term Assurance

Due to inflation the value of money declines each year.  Consequently, this form of insurance combats that with an escalating sum assured.

Index Linked Term Assurance

Some Insurers provide the option for the sum assured and for the premium to be increased each year in relation to the Retail Price Index.

All of the above policies can include critical illness cover.